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Kiran Rapal, DDS  


“Mediocrity is Just never Acceptable”

This is obvious from the very first time you interact with Dr. Rapal. A graduate of Dean Dugoni, School of Dentistry, University of the Pacific, San Francisco, she has been practicing dentistry for over 21 years in her native Bay Area.  In her own words, she is passionate about The Art and The Heart of Dentistry – Art being the beauty of every smile and Heart being her deep commitment to caring for the overall Well-being of her Patients and her Team.

Dr. Rapal is a gifted clinician in creating Functional and Esthetic results through a comprehensive examination and a very systematic and logical approach to reaching the desired outcome with your teeth. Attention to detail, asking the most relevant questions to establish history and then problem solving to arrive at treatment – is her style of work. Her sharp intellect, skillful and organized style of dentistry gives you much comfort and confidence right from the first meeting.

Dr. Rapal is a member of many professional organizations such as ADA, CDA, ASIRD, and the prestigious OKU and TKO. She is very focused on Continuing Education and enhancement of her clinical skills and knowledge as well as that of her team. She is a Visiting Faculty at Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ where she mentors other dentists in hands-on courses. At the office, she conducts weekly team meetings to educate and elevate the team to stay in par with the latest technology and clinical advancements in Dentistry. Recently, she has also incorporated workshops that are geared towards teaching “mindfulness” in the dental field.  

Restoring Beautiful Smiles™

Her MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, 2016 sets her apart from other dental professionals. “This Experiential Education has given me a deeper Insight into Life and being Human. It keeps me Grounded and Aware in our common challenges of day-to-day Life and the impact it has on our Mind and Body”.

Outside of the Dental field, Dr. Rapal enjoys jogging, long hikes, yoga, meditation, and the gym. She has a heart for Animals and participates in rescue efforts and adoption of dogs. Reading being another one of her passions, she is a great resource for a good read or a podcast about Health and Wellness.  “I find that there is a deep connection between the Spiritual, the Physiological, and the Psychological”.  She is a devoted mother to her two boys and is an avid supporter of Teen Health and Wellness. 

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Dr. Kiran Rapal, DDS

Kiran Rapal, DDS, Inc. Saratoga, CA


Affiliated with ASIRD since December 2016 

“My recent dental appointment at Dr. Rapal's clinic has exceeded my expectation in every way. The whole process was incredibly smooth and thorough. Dr. Rapal is knowledgeable and excellent at communication. We discussed my overall dental health and a plan regarding necessary treatments and improvement, step by step. I like the use of advanced technology that make the procedure efficient. To top it off, the staff are amazing!!!”
Ann N
“I can always trust Dr. Rapal and her dental staff will be certain to take care of every dental need I have. She will explain everything in terms I understand. I trust her implicitly.”
Celeste M.


Dr. Kiran Rapal, Saratoga, CA

Our philosophy is centered in patient care and a keen listening to your desired outcomes of dental health for you. At this practice, we truly believe that knowledge and education will help our patients attain and maintain profound oral health for a lifetime.

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“Giving or generosity is the doorway to fully experience the abundance and richness of our lives. Just a single act of Giving opens our hearts to receive the overwhelming flow of Love, Connection and Oneness with each other. It brings us even closer in our human experience.” 

– Dr. Rapal